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Due to the fact WuHuan performed plenty of bad content disguised as FengRan, today FengRan is actually huge difficulties

Due to the fact WuHuan performed plenty of bad content disguised as FengRan, today FengRan is actually huge difficulties

BaiJue has become the master of brand new Beautiful Palace. However, FengRan is still set in prison that’s tortured. Nevertheless the good thing are, BaiJue just made it happen never to aware the newest challenger, he cannot indeed found it FengRan.

MuGuang nonetheless does not believe that WuHuan is exercising Demon time. BaiJue including thinks one to ShangGu would not like WuHuan if she is actually evil…. (oh child, he could be completely wrong)

Great, BaiJue thinks JingZhao, and you will trusts the girl. BaiJue is additionally and also make loads of opponents, since the QingMu is fully gone. BaiJue plus advised MuGuang so that WuHuan out of the Nether Business.

Think of when HouChi is actually pregnant? Well, there’s an issue. Indeed, a couple of. First of all, QingMu is fundamentally nonexistent. Second, the latest HouChi can’t feel the child’s religious energy. HouChi learns you to definitely QingMu is BaiJue, and you can BaiJue is back.

[Ep 39] HouChi cannot genuinely believe that BaiJue commonly forget their, because the she nonetheless thinks that he is QingMu. But FengRan verifies they. HouChi really wants to escape the fresh Undetectable Slope to allow your privately give the woman he doesn’t consider the girl more.

HouChi matches BaiJue. BaiJue does not state one thing whenever HouChi asks about if he’s QingMu. He could be very very really cool in order to HouChi. BaiJue shared with her you to QingMu died. HouChi pretty much despises BaiJue now. JingZhao is additionally around to see this lady during the for example a decreased part.

BaiJue flashbacks so you can recollections away from SHangGu, and will get kinda happier for a time, then again becomes sad. Recall the move that he skilled ShangGu? He removed you to definitely. The guy in addition to flashbacks so you’re able to when he place ShangGu’s heart to the eggs, and this afterwards hatched HouChi. Thus the guy knows that HouChi is ShangGu.

[Ep 40] Ends up, BaiJue realized fundamentally what you, but just pretended to not discover everything you. The guy including purposely let out WuHuan, due to the fact she attacked your. BaiJue and additionally believes to get married JingZhao. Ends up, it’s their intend to rating HouChi so you’re able to dislike your.

BaiJue informed her you to definitely she appeared to be ShangGu, however, was not the lady

HouChi suits ShangGu within the an aspiration. JingJian performs chess that have a fictional nonexistent QingMu, so JingJian plays both himself and you may QingMu, when you’re BaiJue watches him. GuJun agreements toys/outfits for HouChi’s infant while looking fairly depressed.

Within QingMu’s tomb, HouChi saw a good “video” from QingMu informing the woman what you, in the BoXuan, BaiJue, etcetera etcetera, and tells their that he enjoys the girl

WuHuan candidates that FengRan ‘s the Phoenix Queen’s girl. BaiJue’s feather phone calls FengRan to visit someplace, to tell the woman her delivery review. Nevertheless actually is WuHuan deceiving the lady. FengRan happens to be brand new Phoenix Queen’s girl. WuHuan agreements to your drawing FengRan’s strength inactive.

HouChi is still unaware and does not accept that QingMu died. Oh my, QingMu failed to know that HouChi is expecting. Ouch. It is more of such as for example a flashback that he submitted getting HouChi when the the guy becomes deceased.

[Ep 41] It is BaiJue and you will JingZhao’s relationships. HouChi relates to disturb the marriage. She tries to give BaiJue/QingMu you to she is expecting, however, the guy interrupts their. JingZhao uses the woman secret to help you smack HouChi, and you can oh breeze, BaiJue try pissed, however, he are unable to reveal it as the he’s marrying JingZhao and it is part of his plan. WuHuan also slaps their. Whenever getting slapped, HouChi’s hairpin decrease (one which QingMu provided the lady)

WuHuan initiate hurting HouChi, and BaiJue is even way more pissed. BaiJue says to their to end, but she does not stop, very GuJun has to become save your self the afternoon. Oh kid, GuJun is even significantly more pissed one BaiJue.

HouChi wishes Baijue in order to divorce case the girl in front of all the other people. If the the guy does it, following she won’t irritate him. The guy will it, whether or not the guy does not really want to.

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